Transformations factors for success in Digital Transformation

transformations factors for success in digital transformation

Transformations factors for success in Digital Transformation

To Drive Digital Transformation, we need to apply Lean and Six Sigma Principles. Lean standards and Six Sigma Principle both institutionalizing forms, disposing of waste, diminishing variations in products and services, and delivering high quality.

The best Digital Transformations and Six Sigma point some factors for success.

• Connect with and Empower the right, computerized astute pioneers and supporters for change.

• Up-Skill and Re-Skill the resources to build capacities for the workforce of things to come.

• Consistent and Frequent Engagements of individuals to work in new ways

• Make process tools with innovative features with upgrade tools.

• Improve Performance as per Client and customer requirements

• Communicating frequently via traditional and advanced techniques.

While these key profits can absolutely justify an asset in training; there are some things which you should also keep in mind.

Experts propose that instead of only having black belt or master black belts in your business, you should have a selection of lower Lean Six Sigma belts as well, considering Green and Yellow.

Digital Lean Six Sigma is the systemic use of information technology to close the loop between end-to-end business process design, and execution and optimization.

Certified Lean Master Black Belt Lead Auditor
Master Black Belt, Speaker & Author

A Certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology; Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001(QMS) and ISO 27001(ISMS); and PMP with 26 years of overall experience and 15 years in Quality Assurance, Process Excellence, Transformation and Innovation, Design Thinking, RPA.

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