CQA, Certified Quality Analyst Classroom and Online Training in Lagos, Nigeria

5.00 out of 5

Certified Quality Analyst Training and Certification is a unique training conducted from complete topics and concepts of Transaction Monitoring and Quality Testing. GenGyan conducts this Training in Lagos, Nigeria. This training in Certified Quality Analyst starts from the basics of how to design a Monitoring Form as per the standards that the Organization would have been certified.

The participants will learn to design the monitoring form, sampling, monitoring & testing techniques and the techniques on feedback mechanism. The training in Certified Quality Analyst will also teach participants how creating appropriate feedback reports on a daily basis across agents, teams available in the operations team / work-shop, the training scheduled in Lagos is led by the instructor ensures that all the participants get equipped on the complete concepts Transaction Monitoring and will be capable to monitor transactions, productions and work on Corrective and Preventive actions ensure built-in-quality in any process.