Top Reasons to Enroll Your Employees in Lean Six Sigma Training Right Now

Top Reasons to Enroll Your Employees in Lean Six Sigma Training Right Now

Top Reasons to Enroll Your Employees in Lean Six Sigma Training Right Now

Friends, today is the world of Transformation and Innovation that is much needed for every single business and industry.

The higher you move your business radar towards Innovation and Transformation of business, the higher your business gets recognition in the market and your clients and customer choose you as they wish to choose a vendor in their business who can provide the cutting edge innovational techniques.

Quite Often the management and the leaders default back in driving improvement and inefficiency existing within their process. Organizations can forget they are driving serendipity, abrupt needs coming from the business and client requirements allowing time to give them surprises and discoveries which can lead for challenging ways. Hence, we need a good balance between Six Sigma, Innovation and Transformation if the organizations want to change their thinking in new radical ways in growing their business.

Does Six Sigma and the methodologies used in the philosophy work on reactive and proactive approach?

Six Sigma definitely aims to take up any kind of unforeseen out of the process while on the other hand, Innovation and Transformation by the appropriate definition induces. Six Sigma, Innovation and Transformation are essential for every organization yet these do have a crucial difference. Six Sigma definitely impacts the performance of the organization irrespective of the bottom line or the top line goals.

Lean Six Sigma follows DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS methodologies in impacting a business process directly impacting the top lines of an organization.

DMAIC methodology in Lean Six Sigma completely focuses on the performances of the process in the organization. While DMADV and/or DFSS (also called as Innovation and Transformation) impacts the top line goals of the organization.

Organizations today who are today completely focusing on bringing up change in the industry implementing Innovation and Transformation within their business impacting the top goals of the Organization, Lean Six Sigma has these concepts very inbuilt in the methodologies much available in the frameworks created.

Lean Six Sigma and the professionals certified as Black Belts and Master Black Belts need to take up the ownership of this radar. Spread the culture of Lean Six Sigma and make the magic turn the tables around impacting the performance and top line goals of the organizations.

Yes. Lean Six Sigma is definitely the cream today which is the very need in today’s Industry culture.

Certified Lean Master Black Belt Lead Auditor
Master Black Belt, Speaker & Author

A Certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology; Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001(QMS) and ISO 27001(ISMS); and PMP with 26 years of overall experience and 15 years in Quality Assurance, Process Excellence, Transformation and Innovation, Design Thinking, RPA.

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