Tools Of Quality In Daily Life

Tools Of Quality In Daily Life

Tools Of Quality In Daily Life

Today everybody is facing challenges in our daily life. Reason to face challenges is survival. So people focus on proper planning in each n every aspect of life. Nobody can achieve success unless he or she follow concept of Quality in their life. Quality is not related to only working people , it is closely attached to everyone, housewives n children also come in circle of quality.

Quality gives maximum satisfaction to everyone in all aspects. lf l just talk to daily life of a house wife , quality has been embedded in her routine, because she completes all her tasks according to planning. One of the quality tool which is FLOWCHART, a house wife makes a flowchart daily in her mind to fulfil the needs of her family members on daily basis.

When a child gets low marks in exams then parents make aware themselves n they discuss the reasons of failure n effects of failure with the child .This is what they are drawing CAUSE n EFFECT DIAGRAM in their mind . If we look forward to other fields we will find other tools of quality in different fields. For example , after getting tired of a long busy schedule , most of the families plan to travel n visit tourist places to have fun time with each other, here CHECKSHEET comes in light to cross check their packing stuff n other requirements during trip.

I A salaried person who is getting a fixed monthly salary always makes a budget in a month to control their expenses so that they won’t go beyond the limit. To ma age the budget CONTROL CHARTS are used indirectly. Other Quality tools like PARETO CHART is widely used by students at the time of college selection for higher education to make a bright career in future. For decision making they r very useful over here.

So we can easily say that Quality is found everywhere. To maintain proper health n routine in a family, for accurate planning of any event and for making crucial decisions in education Quality tools r the main source. To avoid any conflict n confusion, l must say Quality brings peace n happiness in our life.

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