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Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Philosophy that uses DMAIC/DMADV to Strengthen Your Business

Let us ask an honest question to ourselves? Have you been successful in finding out a way to improve your process in the business? Have you been trying this for a while and have been not successful? How many times did you fix a problem in your process with absolute corrective actions? Haven't you invested enough time and resources however have been unsuccessful.

It is time for all of us to take a step back and solve a problem systematically by understanding the root cause of an inefficient and effective process. This is exactly what we need to achieve much consistently to improve our processes within an organization.

Should you believe all the above statements are right, the answer for all of us is a Lean Six Sigma philosophy that uses a step by step approach called the DMAIC and DMADV methodology which uses the collaborative team effort and senior managementsupport to systematically remove wastes and at the same time reduce variation? These methodologies shall deliver significant improvements and change the culture of the organizations to get more analytical and data driven approach towards problem solving. If this methodology can be rigorously followed, this can help any organization to improve the performance of all the processes in the business resulting in Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Higher Profits, Reduced Costs, Reduced Defects, Improved Quality Accuracy and many more benefits.

Lean Six Sigma in simple words is the best way and assured way to keep your customer in your business that can support any organization in exceeding a customer expectations. Lean Six Sigma has proved itself from over the last 6-7 decades that every organization which has rigorously implemented the Lean Six Sigma Culture; the profit margins along with other process performance has eventually improved significantly. Some organizations which stays as an evidence here are, Toyota, Motorola, General Electric, WNS, Wipro, Schneider, Accenture, Amazon and many Organizations we have today as every single Organization today is focussed towards Customer deliverable and this is exactly what Lean Six Sigma directly focuses on.

Six Sigma when referred to is calculated on the number of defects at a million level. Hence this is called Defects Per Million Opportunities. This was designed by the fathers of Quality to name few are:

  • Joseph Juran
  • Edwards Deming
  • Philip Crosby.

In practicality; Lean Six Sigma focusses on process optimization and resource utilization. Ultimately, you can analyze any process by considering two critical elements:

  1. Effectiveness: How well do we meet or exceed our customer expectations?
  2. Efficiency: How well do we use our resources to do that?

In actuals, Lean 6σ is a commitment for an ongoing process management using systematic process improvement, and culture change. For the success of this philosophy by using DMAIC or DMADV methodology in any organization the most and very critical factor is that the Senior Management support and their ownership is very much needed. The senior management has to believe in this approach and provide complete support to the Quality Leader which can lay the milestones of success to any Organization.

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