Change is Always Constant

Change is Always Constant

Change is Always Constant

Change is the only CONSTANT !!!

With the growing technologies, software's in the World, Change is the only Constant. When we talk about Change we always plan for the future and we plan to change the systems, work-life, policy and procedure for our future.

We all evidenced to a great Change over the past couple of months. Not a District, Not a State, Not a Country, Not a Continent but the entire World has witnessed to this Change.

Mother Nature designed Humans, Environment, Animals to co-exist with all other creations. Very unfortunately Humans disobeyed. Humans wanted to RACE each other and implemented what-not-technologies; All of us (Human Race) in recent weeks, have witnessed all the Human Beings in Corona Virus cages, and wildlife reclaiming their space. Peacocks, Rhino's, Wildcats entered civilization limits and Dolphins, Whales, Penguins seen freely moving, playing and enjoying close to the beaches, marine drive.

Mother-nature made the complete Human Race CHANGE & follow a very stone-age, traditional approach. With about a month of all the Human's in LOCK-DOWN situation at home; mother nature took the same time and repaired itself or should I say that the Mother Nature recovered itself from all the Pollution, Dirt that human race caused, created to Mother Nature.

Mother-nature intervened when entire world came together in various campaigns and initiated "Go Green", "Global Warming"; unfortunately the human race deliberately failed in all these efforts and initiatives. Mother-nature, just took about one month and has become "COMPLETE GREEN" again. This is the situation that we Humans need to understand and realize the importance of mother nature and stop our disruptive innovation that can impact the day-to-day livelihood.

Over the last one month roughly, the complete human race has witnessed to a great Change. We all changed and went back to traditional way of living. Can you believe that we have witnessed to the following:

  1. We have stayed at home spending much of our time with family and less with technology.
  2. Our TV Serials, Movies have gone back by about 1 - 2 decades and we are all watching the same old episodes which brings our school days life back.
  3. Malls are closed; this has made all of us visit the nearby grocery store and buy food to our family. This has again taken us years back in regards to our traditional approach.
  4. From our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Celebrities, normal Advertisement are all appealing us to be home, take care of our family - especially our elders in the family. This is internally making us learn the Values of our Life and how to Respect our Elders in Family.
  5. Many Individuals, Organization's have come forward and pro-actively helping the poor, needy for their day-to-day food and other needy items. This has again proved and made us learn how to help, support, respect our elders, needy people in the society.
  6. All of us have again witnessed again that we have a very limited budget, groceries at home however we are still happy with family and are able to understand the practical need of life. This has helped the Human Race to realize "CONTENTMENT" is everything and important in life.
  7. Very importantly, every person, across profiles, across races, across ages have learnt how to be "SELF MADE". Self-made here means that you are taking care of all you kinds of home related work at home. No Maids have come to our houses to help us on day-to-day need.
  8. India as a Country has become a Vegetarian (Non-Meat) Country.
  9. People have become Non-Alcoholics and hopefully non-smokers. This has turned people's life and habits to a much beautiful and healthy lifestyle.

This is the situation human race need to realize the importance of mother-nature and not damage it anymore.

Now the Ball is in our Court. Once the Lock-down is lifted, will the Human Race CHANGE and implement high level technologies, Robotics, continue to pollute our mother-nature, Will the human-race be enthusiastic to again START RUNNING in the RACE which and implement, follow those technologies which will impact us and mother-nature??

This is an answer, the FUTURE will tell us. If the HUMAN's learn any lesson from this situation or will they take this situation very lightly and continue damaging, disturbing mother nature by creating Technologies like Robots, Robotics and what not which will probably DAMAGE our own LIVES and HUMAN RACE.


Certified Lean Master Black Belt Lead Auditor
Master Black Belt, Speaker & Author

A Certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology; Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 9001(QMS) and ISO 27001(ISMS); and PMP with 26 years of overall experience and 15 years in Quality Assurance, Process Excellence, Transformation and Innovation, Design Thinking, RPA.

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