Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training & Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course fresher’s candidates in Six Sigma.  GenGyan’s Yellow Belt training provides a good insight of Six Sigma Methodology and Six Sigma tools.  Candidates who are working as Sr. Associates, Team Leaders and Group Leaders are the members who are recommended to take up this training.  Yellow Belts are able to identify pain areas of the process, define critical process factors, collect data, monitor performance, identify improvement areas and make improvements.

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belts usually work with and support Certified Six Sigma Black Belts and Certified Six Sigma Green Belts. Moreover, they are able to take over some simpler projects by themselves with supervision from Certified Six Sigma Green Belts and Certified Six Sigma Black Belts.


CSSYB Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt

INR 8000/-

GenGyan’s Yellow Belt Certification?

Worldwide Credibility and Acceptance of Six Sigma Certifications issued by GenGyan Global Business Consultants.
International Recognition from all industries and from all leading organizations which embrace Six Sigma and DMAIC Quality Improvement and Problem Solving methodologies.
Certification Programs have been developed by our experts in Lean Six Sigma team from all major Industries.
Valid for Lifetime Six Sigma Certifications. Certificates issued by other certification programs are only valid for a few years or even less because they treat certification renewal process as an easy way to generate income. We believe that no fundamental changes are happening in the very core of Six Sigma which deserves continuous examinations to revalidate proficiency in Six Sigma.
Six Sigma offers endless possibilities how companies tailor Six Sigma or merge it with other project, process, quality improvement and engineering frameworks for their particular needs and environments.


Benefits for Employees and Freelancers

It will be your Proof of Competence and up-to-date Knowhow in Six Sigma Domain.
It will help you get hired for your next big challenge.
It will broaden your perspective. It will help you get more responsibilities and better career opportunities compared to your peers.
It will provide a brand new toolset that you can deliver great products and services that your customer will enjoy and appreciate.

Benefits for Employers

It will reduce costs by improving efficiency of your teams, activities and processes.
It will help you win projects with your qualified employees.
It will improve employee satisfaction by encouraging them to get trained and learn.
It will improve the quality of your deliverables and customer satisfaction.

Yellow Belt Upcoming Classes

Location Bangalore Delhi Pune Mumbai
October Month Schedules 15th & 16th October 2016 22nd & 23rd October 2016 15th & 16th October 2016 22nd & 23rd October 2016