Certified Quality Analyst / Supervisor

certified-quality-analyst-supervisor Training and Certification

Certified-Quality-Analyst-Supervisor Training and Certification

CQA- Certified Quality Analyst

Course Overview

Certified-Quality-Analyst-Supervisor is Transaction Monitoring is probably the single most important activity in the day-to-day running of a contact center that helps organizations achieve its Quality goals.  This certification program includes training (to facilitate learning and skill development at the front-line management level) and continuous assessment (to evaluate against established benchmarks and standards for individual skills) based on a proven body of knowledge required for successful execution of front-line management roles.

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Quality Analysts, Supervisors, Internal Quality Teams and Trainers

Course Content

Voice of Customer·         Quality Overview and Role of a Quality Team
Quality Monitoring &
Quantitative Methods
Best Practices in Calibration & Standardizing Evaluation Scores
Improvement Tools
Building a Quality Monitoring Form: Successful Designs for Building Performance Excellence
Effective Techniques for Shaping Employee Performance
Optimizing Your Quality Monitoring System

What You Will Learn

The program covers the entire spectrum of IT, BPO and Manufacturing space, from voice to back-office processing, from Indian captives to MNC Third Party providers.

The modules provide ROI (Return on Investment) for sponsors in terms of measurable performance outcomes and career advancement for participants though competence development and certification.

·         Align internal quality process with external voice of the customer
·         Scientifically designed monitoring form
·         Enhance analytical skills of the QC team
·         Effective coaching – moving away from ‘policing to coaching’
·         Establish a strong correlation between QC scores and CSAT

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Training Dates 9th- 10th 13th-14th  17th-18th 10th-11th