About Gengyan

Significance of our Organization Name

• GENGYAN GLOBAL: Gen (Generating) & Gyan (Knowledge) Global (Sharing knowledge Globally) about Quality.
• Generating Knowledge Globally is our motto and objective.

Who Are We?

We are a leading Global Business Excellence management company.  We specialize in providing highly productive and focused training; enable our customers by providing the best & simple way of educating people which will help them to transform their business processes.  We support organizations and individuals to lead and manage effectively and efficiently in the area of continuous transformation in all sectors of an organization.

We have more than 20 members plus who have practiced Lean Six Sigma Methodology for more than 15-25 years.  Our team members have the best of the knowledge in the field of Lean Six Sigma & Quality Assurance.


Our Vision is to be a World-Class Business Excellence Organization by partnering with our customers and clients to consistently deliver superior value.  We shall continually strive to sustain to be the only option for its Customers by providing world-class quality services and following our best practices capturing our customer’s voice.


To create an innovative business platform to allow our customers to understand the philosophy in depth.  All our services, products to our customers shall be at the highest quality, knowledgeable, value and outstanding personal services at the lowest possible price consistent with a fair return on investment for our shareholders and employees. All our products and services shall be delivered consistently and measured one customer at a time.  We pledge to be the best Organization in the field of Business Excellence.